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Craft Retreat

El Porvenir Christian Camp hosted a weekend retreat for crafty women. The 4-day event took place in the Santa Fe National Forest, in the back of beyond, where we were surrounded by towering conifers, ancient aspens, rambling creeks, and massive stone monuments to God’s power of creation. What better source of inspiration can you think of?

Beaver Creek with Hermit’s Peak in the far background
People brought sewing machines, paints, beads, paper, yarn — you name it, it was there.

One of my contributions was to prepare a table for women to make earrings. I packaged over 150 little kits for them to make hot air balloons, ribbon Christmas trees, and tree ornament earrings.

This was my first time at this retreat, but I travelled with women who had attended previously. We had a spacious room with bunk beds, toilet/showers, and heat. The food was excellent, freshly prepared with daily homemade pastries or breads. We had evening devotionals where I led the worship music. My friend Carol donated a queen-sized quiilt for a raffle.

Carol, Anna, and Felecia in front of the quilt Carol donated.

It was all-together a blessed weekend.

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