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April in Paris Capelet pattern release

After much rewriting and testing, the April in Paris capelet pattern is finally available. I’ve listed it on Etsy since I’m not set up to sell on this blog. Many thanks to Melissa for her help in finalizing the pattern. This lovely yarn is hand dyed from The Little Weasel shop in Paris.

This yarn is Malabrigo “Sock”, and it has a lot more stretch to it than the Little Weasel yarn. I had to modify the neckline, but you don’t see that in this photo. I suggest when looking for yarn, choose one that is not very stretchy for best results. The Malabrigo was luscious to work with but didn’t give the same results. I did write in the modifications that I came up with for the neckline. I’m currently working on one in cotton, and I will post the results here. I suspect it will be very stretchy. Might have to go down a hook size.

I came up with this design after having my friends rave over a knitted capelet. Why not a crocheted capelet too? That meant writing a new pattern. I became so enamored of the capelet concept that I created two more designs with patterns to follow. Here is one of them.

One of the reasons my patterns take so long to come out is that I also create charts and diagrams to go with the pattern. I want my patterns to be easy to follow. Not everyone is a visual crocheter, but I definitely prefer charts over text any day. As a matter of fact, I create the chart as I design then translate it into text later.

Shematic diagram for April in Paris capelet

The pattern is 8 pages and contains crochet charts as well. Have fun.

One thought on “April in Paris Capelet pattern release

  1. Good job, my friend! I haven’t crocheted much recently, but for some reason, I’m drawn to that pattern. The knitted one is also lovely.


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