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Needle-less Bead Stringing

When I’m making my beaded wrap bracelets, I like to use Fray Check on the ends of my cord. This makes a needle-like tip which passes easily through the beads. I cut the tip off the bottle of Fray Check, run the end of the cord about two inches into the solution for 2-3 seconds, repeat on the other end, then hang the cord to dry.fray check needle

I will do several cords at once which means that I’ve always got one ready when the urge to bead strikes.


After drying for a good 15 or 20 minutes, the cords are ready to use. Snipping the stiffened ends on an angle helps even further.

fray check needle-001

You can see how easily this S-Lon cord passes twice through size 8 seed beads.

fray check needle-002

When Fray Check is not available, a cyanoacrylate glue (“Super glue”) works well too, though it can make the cord swell a bit. This can be crucial with some beads that have small holes.

Here’s a look at my “expensive” beading board. With the markings on the board, I know just when to stop beading. The ends of the leather are secured with some small clamps.


Share your favorite method for stringing beads on cord.

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