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What’s On My Hook

I am definitely not the WIP queen among my yarnie friends, but I start feeling anxious when I have more than about five works-in-progress. I also have some UFOs (unfinished projects), and I’ve polled people to get their opinion: when does a WIP become a UFO?

What do you think? For me, if it’s been put aside for more than six months, it’s moving into the UFO category. More than a year? For sure.

Among my UFOs are a cardigan, a couple of single yoga socks — you’ve heard of the single sock syndrome? — a scarf called “Thorns“, the “I Promise You Pineapples” shawl, and my Tunisian “Shimmer Shawl”.

As for WIPS, I picked four that I’m most eager to finish. The Liula wrap is such a pretty pattern. I’m using Louisa Harding “Amitola”, a wool/silk blend in fingering weight, and I plan to make one using RedHeart’s new “It’s a Wrap” yarn that is a cotton/acrylic blend in very fine weight. As a matter of fact, I found it with the cotton threads. Next is an easy shell from LionBrand, the Classic Sleeveless Top. I’m doing it in a colorblock fashion, and to keep the blocks even, I’m working the front and back at the same time. The Blue Curacao shawl by Doris Chan is one I’ve wanted to make for years. The pattern was written for a specific yarn that was wool and mohair. So I am using mohair too but I’m holding it together with cotton. I picked three colors of blue mohair so that the colors will fade from light to dark. Last is another Sara Scarf, a pattern that I designed for a crochet-a-long. It is super easy. This one is done in a fingering weight silk/cotton blend called Cozette. In a couple of weeks, I’ll post an update on these, and I’ll discuss some of the reasons we have so many projects going at once.

And these are only the crochet projects: no beading, weaving, etc. Share with the group what you are working on or what is languishing in your stash.

wips 061918_0
clockwise from upper left: Liula; Classic Top; Blue Curacao; Sara Scarf

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