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More Crochet and Jewelry Classes

The classes at Michael’s are finally on the calendar and the projects are picked out. As if I didn’t have enough to do, I also signed up at Hobby Lobby on Eagle Ranch Rd to teach both crochet and jewelry making. The set up there is less formal and more to my liking. I get to choose my own projects and set my own fees, while they post the schedule on the web site and allow me to post flyers on a bulletin board just inside the entrance to the store.

Here are my flyers for two of the classes. They are laminated and have little pull tabs on the bottom with contact info. In this case, I do handle all my signups.

I’m really excited about the Hobby Lobby venture and hope it works out. Since I can set my own hours, I’ve decided to try a full kumihimo class of four hours. This is a rewarding project because it is easier than it looks and students feel such a sense of accomplishment when they are done. The flyer is really pretty too.

kumi class

You can access the calendar from the menu bar and see the what/where/when of the classes. I hope you sign up for something, because you know that I usually have a few tricks up my sleeves to teach you yet.


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What makes me tick

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Still a little sassy (c.1957)

I am a retired nurse and I spend my time crocheting, playing with beads, paint, paper, and decoupage medium, and taking care of my seven chickens, two dogs and a cat. I’ve been married for 30+ years and have two grown children and one grandson. I love going to my church, singing in the choir and attending Bible study. We enjoy taking road trips and going to baseball games. I am very involved in crochet/knitting groups in town, and in the past, I organized a fibromyalgia social group as well as a cribbage group. I volunteer with the Girl Scouts and help out with my local yarn store, The Yarn Store at Nob Hill in Albuquerque, NM, where I teach a number of classes.

In addition to teaching classes at The Yarn Store, I host crochet-a-longs where everyone gets together to crochet the same project. It is a great opportunity for them to learn a new technique and broaden their skills without sitting through a class. I am also teaching crochet classes at Michael’s stores as well as privately to individuals. I enjoying designing my own patterns then sharing them with my students. Continue reading “What makes me tick”